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We’re a dynamic group of speech-language pathologists passionate about supporting those with Parkinson's Disease in maintaining optimal communication & swallow function.


In the Parkinson's community, I noticed a huge need for voice maintenance and support. 

"For many, it’s beyond inconvenient to visit a speech pathologist, especially for people who live in rural areas or don’t have the flexibility to see a professional. 

The need for social distancing only makes it worse. 

Even those who have had speech therapy tend to see their speech and voicing problems return without consistent practice, so an easy, safe, online solution is needed now more than ever.

It’s not just about having a strong voice. It can be frustrating not being understood. One’s quality of life can be drastically affected by being unable to speak clearly, damaging social ties, confidence, and even causing embarrassment. 

I’m proud to bring Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! online and help anyone with Parkinson's disease who needs it, regardless of where they live and the options they have. We’ve put a huge amount of effort into building a team of veteran speech therapists to help you regain your lost voice – and now you can try it for an entire month, free. It’s my honor to welcome you to our community!"

Sarah Awde
Speech Language Pathologist


So WHY did we choose a parrot to represent 
Get LOUD! Stay LOUD!?

These majestic creatures symbolize communication friendliness and sociability. 

And here, on Get LOUD! Stay LOUD!,  we strive to offer a fun, friendly, social environment while working towards optimal communication. 

Parrots also symbolize familiarity, joy, happiness and positive energy. We ensure our members have a positive, motivational space that inspires them to stay diligent with daily speech exercise. 

Like each of our members, parrots are highly intelligent and embody the power of perseverance. It takes practice, training and a caring environment for parrots to master the ability to speak. 

We understand the struggles that individuals with Parkinson's face when to it comes to communicating effectively. 

We hope that each time you see our parrot symbol,  you are reminded that with determination and a supportive environment, anything is possible!

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Let our expert team of speech therapists guide you EVERY DAY through your Parkinson's speech exercises. Our diverse and comprehensive approach ensures that you not only stay motivated and diligent but that you HAVE FUN!

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